Here I present my streams of thoughts in the course of time.
I have always maintained that a sculptor is supposed to speak by means
of his chisel and works he has completed and that he has no need to gabble about what he meant …
… I have changed my mind.
On this page I show several extracts from several opening days of the exhibitions
which I introduced on my own as I felt the need to articulate and share my feelings with other people.
This is what I consider to be my curriculum vitae. It is a record of my personal development in the course of time.

... Thoughts from exhibition "Dialog" from February, 2000

My exhibition, called "Dialogue", invites you for a while into my world, my wooden world, in which I am living at the moment, in which my way of being, thinking and living is reflected.
Dialogue with my nearest and dearest, dialogue with my friends, dialogue with other people, dialogue with the Highest, all this shows and helps to find the way towards knowing myself, realizing why I am here, it answers the questions "why, how, where…?".
Dialogue with you gives me the answers, the power, the courage to do the things that I feel I have to do, I feel I want to do, will do and even will show and boast in public. I am grateful to all of you for your support, thanks to which I started to believe that I might have talent, too, that I am able to do it, that it is for me but first and foremost for you. Without your support and attention it would not make any sense at all. There is nothing else I can say about my works being exhibited, as I regard them to be some kind of embodied thoughts of mine, and one can only try to evaluate how I mastered the way from my brain to my hand. I wish a free, unbounded perception to all of you, let everybody see and feel about the exhibition the way they want to. Understanding gained through one's own perception belongs to the most incredible and unforgettable experiences. If my exhibition makes you feel angry, if it makes you laugh, enjoy, if you get in tune with my tune, if it gives you some food for thought, I will be a happy man.
Look around, have a dialogue and stay. And thank you for this exhibition. If it weren't for you, I would never stand here at this place.

... Thoughts from exhibition "Dreams" from July, 2001

Projections of women's dreams, presented with male coolness. Men's fantasies about women's dreams are wild, but they definitely do not achieve the variety of colors typical of women's imagination, and they are of course completely different. I consider thoughts, dreams, fantasies and visions to be an indispensable part of life, forming our attitudes, our present way of life and even the future.
The greater the capacity of our imagination, the richer our life can be. Dreams are our other lives, in which we are formed, and which enable us to perform as directors, as well as actors, while experiencing delight, pain, ecstasy… But our dreams can never be wilder than our own imagination.

... Thoughts from exhibiton "I Am" from January, 2003

I called the exhibition “ I am” for several reasons.

First of all, I wanted to let you know you that I still exist,
that I haven’t packed up,
that I still work with THAT wood,
that I still enjoy doing THAT
and still find pleasure in THAT.

Once I AM with full stop.
Next I AM with question mark.
Then I AM with exclamation mark.
Lastly I AM in some completely different way.

When standing by a new chunk of wood, I only think of what I’ll make of it.
What will come out of me and the chunk or vice versa.
I can’t think of anything else and those are the loveliest moments.

By this exhibition, I want to share my perception of the world with you.
Share my search for shapes, attitudes, opinions, symbols, allegories,
Because THAT is what matters to me.

I don’t just wish to describe what exists, I want to materialise my ideas
and thoughts in wood, in a substance.
I strive for creation of atmosphere and a feeling,
wanting to provoke emotions and desires, deliberately as well driven by the subconscious in me.

I want to materialise those strongest forces that undoubtedly push the man forward by means of
their incredible energy.

Creating sculptures is like an adventurous journey for me,
because in every single moment I have to decide what to do next,
what to cut, which way to take.
Those are mostly irreversible actions. There is no way back.

I have freedom of choice in every moment.
I fight with doubts concerning my decisions.
Doubts if I will reach the end of way which could satisfy me (a shape, a thought).
Well, sometimes I have to go searching for a long time.
But if at the end there is at least a chip left from the log and if I find THAT, I feel happy.
And if I fail to find THAT, I realise that even thoughts can burn.
What I mean is that I stoke the fire up with them and feel blue for the whole week
and then I start elsewhere.

And in my life I also make decisions in every moment,
also looking for the right way for myself.
The only difference is that in this life I only have one go
to find out why I am here and to be aware of my own life.
It means to lead such a life that
I create according to my ideas and vision.
To be able to say I AM.

If all these things I am talking about at length
are not to be found or perceived by you in those sculptures and relieves,
then it means I haven’t probably got there yet but I will surely be there next time as
I can see it all clearly now.
That is why I keep talking about them, to let you know they exist
and enable you to look at my works as if these things were already present there – THANK YOU!

Process of creation from a substance needn’t only mean creation of a wooden sculpture, but also the fact
that we are here together
at this place
at this time
at this opening night of the exhibition.
That you are reading these lines.
Thank you for this moment.

Let everybody accept his/her own thing, and if they don’t like anything, let them not throw it at me.
Try to come again perhaps some other day because every day
is completely different and every day you can discover something new not only here but mainly in yourself.
That is what life is about.

Stay awhile.
And first and foremost
And first and foremost BE!